Early October: Family Mart Exclusive Transformers Raffle

I didn't see this posted yet, so I thought I'd put up scans. For me, this was one of the funnest bits of news from C3. Starting in early October, there will be a Transformers raffle exclusive to Family Mart convenience stores.

The prizes are as follows:
A Prize: Clear ROTF Optimus Prime
B Prime: Deluxe Optimus (Maybe the American version?)
C Prize: Activators Skywarp
(The three top prizes have original boxes different than the standard for that size type.)
D Prize: 1 of 4 exclusive clear EZ Collection figures, painted but with translucent plastic
(Bumblebee, Optimus, Prowl, Starscream)
E Prize: 1 of 4 SD Figures (Optimus/Megatron, painted and silver versions)
F Prize: 1 of 4 original phone straps
G Prize: 1 of 2 original drinking glasses (Optimus/Bumblebee)

If it's anything like other raffles run by convenience stores (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, etc.) only
Family Marts who choose to participate in the contest will get them, and there will probably be only one
of the top tier prizes (conceivably two for the B and C prizes).

I'll try my best to pick up some of the figures.

Collectors, start salivating!

I'm Heading to the TF Museum!

The Transformers Museum in Ozu starts tomorrow! As many people have asked me about it, I've confirmed that I'll be able to get 9 of the black Animated Prime. Hopefully more if I'm lucky. Because of the numbers, the (overnight) travel involved, and other factors, I'm planning to sell them for $150 each. I'll sell the 9 (and more if I can get them) to the first people who contact me either by mail or facebook message. At the moment, I'm limiting it to no more than 2 per person.