I've been getting a lot of good stuff ready for my BotCon table this year. Wonder how many con-goers will deck themselves out in neon colors a la Generation 2?

Nightrider: Black Zarak Cobra Headrobot

Almost all the pre-orders I got for the Black Zarak partner Headrobot, Nightrider, have been shipped!

I have maybe 5 more of the toy left... Only 200 were made worldwide as a Japanese Hero Gangu store exclusive, and I managed to secure some from the owner to sell.

I love Headrobots!

Boxed Complete Go-Shooter

I've been busy getting stock ready for BotCon, but I put a complete, nice condition Go-Shooter up on E-bay for a decent BIN.

I have a feeling this'll go fast...

E-Bay Go-Shooter