Galaxy Shuttle E-bay Auction

I've got a Galaxy Shuttle E-Bay auction ending tomorrow.

This is the box, but since people usually want the parts more than the complete toy, I've split it up into separate auctions. If you've got an incomplete GS, or want to sweep the auctions and get yourself a complete, one, take a look!

Interview with Hideaki Yoke!

I just got the OK for an interview with legendary Transformers creator Hideaki Yoke! The plan is to met up in person and ask some questions, but I couldn't be more psyched! Hopefully I can get some good stories out of him.

Family Mart Exclusive Transformers are out!

I managed to get my hands on some of the exclusive Family Mart raffle TF's! I must say, movie Prime looks spectacular in clear! (The idea itself is typical Takaratomy, but it's pulled off really well.) Since this is the first time they've ventured into the now popular convenience store raffles, here's hoping it goes off without a hitch and we see more of this in the future.

Early October: Family Mart Exclusive Transformers Raffle

I didn't see this posted yet, so I thought I'd put up scans. For me, this was one of the funnest bits of news from C3. Starting in early October, there will be a Transformers raffle exclusive to Family Mart convenience stores.

The prizes are as follows:
A Prize: Clear ROTF Optimus Prime
B Prime: Deluxe Optimus (Maybe the American version?)
C Prize: Activators Skywarp
(The three top prizes have original boxes different than the standard for that size type.)
D Prize: 1 of 4 exclusive clear EZ Collection figures, painted but with translucent plastic
(Bumblebee, Optimus, Prowl, Starscream)
E Prize: 1 of 4 SD Figures (Optimus/Megatron, painted and silver versions)
F Prize: 1 of 4 original phone straps
G Prize: 1 of 2 original drinking glasses (Optimus/Bumblebee)

If it's anything like other raffles run by convenience stores (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, etc.) only
Family Marts who choose to participate in the contest will get them, and there will probably be only one
of the top tier prizes (conceivably two for the B and C prizes).

I'll try my best to pick up some of the figures.

Collectors, start salivating!

I'm Heading to the TF Museum!

The Transformers Museum in Ozu starts tomorrow! As many people have asked me about it, I've confirmed that I'll be able to get 9 of the black Animated Prime. Hopefully more if I'm lucky. Because of the numbers, the (overnight) travel involved, and other factors, I'm planning to sell them for $150 each. I'll sell the 9 (and more if I can get them) to the first people who contact me either by mail or facebook message. At the moment, I'm limiting it to no more than 2 per person.

New Animated Releases

Managed to get my hands on a bunch of the new Animated product, including the Sons of Cybertron Optimus/Rodimus 2-pack, and several of teh Starscream Clone EZ Collections figures. Anyone who needs them should drop me a mail at hydra"atmark"

Back in Japan on the 14th, 18th is Tokyo Toy Show!

Just four days after I get back in Japan from BotCon and vacation, it's time for the Tokyo Toy Show! There are a total of three exclusives this year, including a 2-pack of "Dreadwing and Smokescreen," which is a Mindwipe/Skystalker reference that fits really well with the BotCon G2 theme. Also is Elite Guard Prowl, a cool figure that works alongside EG Bumblebee. I expect to get about 10 of each, so hit me up if you need to get your hands on them.

On my way back from BotCon!

Thanks to everyone who came to my table at BotCon! I had a great time hanging out, and the exclusives were great, of course! I'll be back in Japan next week, so I can resume my toy hunting for everyone.

Glad everyone enjoyed the Japanese KitKats!

Take Off For BotCon!

In about 6 hours, I'll set off on my 1-day trip from Tokyo to Orlando, Florida! Compared to my previous offerings, I have an incredible amount of great stuff to put out on my table this year. Some pricey rare items, some moderately priced items, some free stuff for those who stop by!

Some of the really rare items include:
MISB Abominus
MISB Metalhawk
Guard City
Black Zarak

And a whole lot more!

I'll have some interesting Japanese snacks at my table too, so drop by!

Nightrider Black Zarak Headrobots

I managed to get about 10 more of the Nightrider Headrobot from Hero Gangu... Apparently they're selling very well there! I'll be selling the 10 exclusively through this blog, so drop me a comment if you still need one or more.

I've been getting a lot of good stuff ready for my BotCon table this year. Wonder how many con-goers will deck themselves out in neon colors a la Generation 2?

Nightrider: Black Zarak Cobra Headrobot

Almost all the pre-orders I got for the Black Zarak partner Headrobot, Nightrider, have been shipped!

I have maybe 5 more of the toy left... Only 200 were made worldwide as a Japanese Hero Gangu store exclusive, and I managed to secure some from the owner to sell.

I love Headrobots!

Boxed Complete Go-Shooter

I've been busy getting stock ready for BotCon, but I put a complete, nice condition Go-Shooter up on E-bay for a decent BIN.

I have a feeling this'll go fast...

E-Bay Go-Shooter